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Sauna in Koli

Sauna in Beach House

Ice swimming

Ice-swimming from the illuminated pier is located approx. 20 m from the saunas. Lake is kept open with the help of a pump throughout the winter swimming season. 

Schedule for the winter 2024:
every Thursday and Saturday until 6.4.2024 public sauna  
for women at 18-19
Mixed sauna at 19 -  20 (must have a bathing suit or a towel)

Weeks 8-10 from Monday till Sonday
Easter from Thursday till Sonday
for women at 18 - 19
Mixed sauna at 19 -  20 (must have a bathing suit or a towel)
for men at 20 - 21

For non-residents the price is 7,50 € / person.
if you stay overnight with us, saunas are included every evening.

We also rent saunas for private use  daily from 1 pm to 10 pm. The price for guests accommodating with us is 20 € / hour, others 36 € / hour. The price includes sauna use max. for six (6) people, additional 6 € / person. Book your shift by calling +358103223040 or send email to

Towel rental 5 € / towel.
Swimming slippers and gloves rental 1 € / set
Please note that we do not have swimsuits for rent.