Koli Freetime is situated at the foot of Koli, in the middle of beautiful North Karelia.

We offer you accommodation in cottages, rooms and apartments, year-round camping site services as well as lots of space and things to do for camps, meetings and family celebrations.

Above all, our customers appreciate the peace and tranquility of the surrounding nature, the tidy accommodations and the cozy atmosphere. What’s more, our beach is on a pristine lake and our saunas are heated up daily. We serve homemade food.

Koli Freetime is surrounded by the majestic nature of Koli. You will find us not far from the Koli village, close to main road 6, 52 km from Joensuu. 



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Cottages, rooms, apartments

We offer you several different choices: rooms, apartments and cottages of different sizes. Our cottages with beaches of their own are very popular at any time of the year. No matter where you are staying, saunas, a beach suitable for children, an outside barbecue shelter and campfire sites as well as the other services of the area are available for you every day.


All-in-one stay

Brainstorming, a sales meeting or a recreation day? We can provide you with excellent facilities. The whole package includes saunas, accommodation, walking in nature and meals prepared from high-quality raw ingredients in our own kitchen. We have space for a whole bus load of guests. We tailor services according to your needs.


Camping or training

The magnificent facilities of Koli make an excellent setting for camps aimed at a wide range of activities. The well-lit Koli ski track starts from our yard. Nearby you can also find hiking trails, fixed orienteering points, slopes for downhill skiing and grounds for various sports and ball games. We strive to combine excellent activities, accommodation and good prices as well as serve food that is delicious as well as appropriate for athletes.

Caravan visitors

Heated facilities available all the year round

Tidiness and cleanliness are values we consider important and we are proud of the feedback we have received. The caravan area close to the shore of the lake has 30 places with electric hook-ups. Our Rantatalo, lakeside house has both heated service facilities and a tidy kitchen. Our sauna on the shore is heated up daily. Discounts with Camping and Caravan cards. Our peaceful area is only 2 km from main road 6 and 10 km from Koli.


The road to success

We offer good facilities for family gatherings, anniversaries, weddings as well as other celebrations. We make delicious food from good raw ingredients in our own kitchen for all occasions. We want to make sure that you will have a warm and pleasant atmosphere at your party. We have up to 80 beds for accommodation in cottages, rooms and apartments.