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Up to the peaks and down into the valleys!

Koli is a paradise for those who enjoy nature. Check out our best tips for outdoor activities in the Koli area!


  • The Koli national park has approximately 60 km of versatile marked hiking routes.
  • There are paths for sightseeing as well as routes that are accessible for example with strollers.
  • The longest route is the national hiking destination of the year called the Herajärvi trail (30-61 km)
  • You can start hiking the Koli routes on the path that begins at our yard. The distance to the heart of the national park at Ukko-Koli is 13 km.
  • The closest fire pits can be found at the Napakallio shelter (3.2 km) and the Ursa hut (7.5 km). 
  • You can purchase a Koli bicycle map at our reception desk
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  • The criss-crossing paved and gravel roads as well as the ski tracks and some paths going around the Koli countryside are well-suited for riding your bicycle.
  • But make sure to reserve enough time - going is slower in the hilly terrain.
  • We sell Koli cycling maps at the reseption, price 5 €. 
  • Koli Freetime is one of the accommodation locations along the 250 km long Pielisen Kierros biking route. See more of the Pielisen Kierros via the adjacent image link. 
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Snowshoe hiking

  • Koli is excellent for snowshoe hiking thanks to the elevation differences, the thick snow, and the often rewarding crown snow landscapes.
  • Snowshoes allow moving even in deep snow, letting you find a new perspective onto nature in the winter.
  • You can try snowshoe hiking on your own or on guided tours.
  • There are marked snowshoe routes going around the Koli national park, of which you can learn more by visiting the Koli nature centre Ukko.
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Cross-country skiing

  • The illuminated Koli ski track begins at our yard. The track is 25 km long in each direction.
  • The total length of the Koli ski track network is almost 100 km.
  • We also have a child-friendly “sauna ski track” (length about 1 km) in our yard and a maintenance room for ski equipment. 
  • We take part in the maintenance of the Koli ski track network by paying the voluntary annual membership fee for the Koli ski track pool. 
  • You can purchase a Koli ski track map at our reception desk.
  • Click the image to visit the Koli region ski track page.
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Downhill skiing

  • Ukko-Koli features one of the oldest downhill slopes in the country as well some of the most demanding slopes in all of Southern and Central Finland. 
  • The Koli slopes are memorable due to their amazing scenery and variable terrain features. 
  • A slope map, a live camera, and slope service information can be seen on the koliski page
  • Guests staying with us can keep their skis and snowboards in our ski maintenance room. 
Take a look at Koli slopes Downhill skiing

To see and to do

  • The nature at Koli hides many peculiar sites to see and experience. 
  • We have collected some of the natural wonders of the area behind the adjacent image link.  
  • The list includes e.g. the Ryläys rockfall, the Räsävaara observation tower, crown snow forests, and the longest official ice road in Europe
Take a look at Koli natural sights To see and to do