Downhill skiing

There has been downhill skiing at Koli for 75 years

  • Ukko-Koli has the most challenging slopes of southern and central Finland, the height difference being as many as 230 metres.
  • From Ukko-Koli you can find Snowpark (a trick area for boarders and New School skiers) and Children’s Land.
  • All in all, there are 6 different kind of slopes .
  • Skis and boards can be kept in our ski maintenance room.
  • You can have a look at the slope maps on the internet or get your own printed copy from our reception.
  • Follow the live picture of slopes here.


The Finnish Skiing Centre Association named Koli the skiing centre of the year 2013 in Finland. These are the reasons the Association gave for their attention received by Koli:


The challenging slopes of Ukko-Koli national scenery and the varied customer services of Loma-Koli are a good match and offer activities for all different kinds of skiers. The Koli skiing centre has remained the classic of skiing centres from one year to another. At Koli services are developed in many ways, one example being the new service facility of the year, Koli Relax Spa – a scenic spa.