Camping and exercise

Koli is a paradise for hikers. Koli offers both short and long routes to suit the condition of the hiker and the time available. Some of the things to do in the area:



  • The trails of the Koli national park are varied and well-maintained. There are short as well as longer scenic routes, sightseeing paths and trails that are suitable for parents with prams. You will get hints from us and the guides at Koli Visitor Centre Ukko for hiking in the Koli national park and in the neighbourhood.
  • The Herajärvi Trail is a challenging 40-61-km-long route. The trail was even chosen to be the national hiking destination of the year and it rises and falls on the Koli hills in the national park and in its surroundings.  You can reach the trail by car from Koli Freetime in just 15 minutes. You can also hike the 7.5-km-long path starting from our yard to reach the Herajärvi Trail. See the introduction video of the route or the introduction on the net.
  • There are many lean-to shelters and Lapp huts along the routes. The campfire places closest to us are along the well-lit ski track, the Napakallio lean-to (3.2 km), the Ursa Lapp hut (7.5 km). The hill at Napakallio overlooks a wide forest landscape especially spectacular at sunset.
  • You can buy a hiking map of the Koli area at reception.


  • The roads at Koli are excellent for cycling. However, you must remember to set aside more time, because there are also lots of hills.
  • In the Koli national park cycling is allowed only on routes designated for it.
  • You can get a free copy of the Koli cycling map at reception.


Canoeing and rowing

  • Koli Freetime is situated on the shore of Lake Valkealampi. Both our small lake and other lakes in the neighbourhood provide you with gorgeous facilities to spend a day on a lake.
  • You can rent a rowing boat, a canoe or a double kayak from us. Even bringing your own boat is allowed, but no motorboats are allowed on the lake.
  • Lake Pielinen is excellent for boating. Ask us about renting a boat.


Orienteering and path running

  • In our neighbourhood there is a network of 21 fixed orienteering points. Orienteering maps can be bought at reception.
  • We are one of the partners of the Vaarojen Marathon (Hill Marathon) event at Koli. We wish all path runners and those training for it welcome even outside the race weekend.
  • Marathon of Dangers 2016

Photo: Aapo Laiho/Hill Marathon