Sports camps

We have hosted camps of many sports clubs connected with orienteering¸ biathlon, skiing, ball games and adventure. Our area is excellent for other sports and active athletes as well.

We offer suitable, inexpensive solutions to sports clubs.

These are the key elements for successful sports camps:


  • The Koli first-snow-fall ski track and Finland’s longest well-lit track (25 km) both start from our yard.
  • paths leading to the Herajärvi Trail and to other routes for hiking and cycling
  • grounds for sports and ball games
  • the network of fixed orienteering points
  • hiking, skiing, cycling and orienteering maps
  • service facilities for cross-country skiers
  • several saunas separately for women and men
  • meals prepared from high-quality raw ingredients appropriate for sports people
  • up to 80 beds for accommodation in rooms, apartments or cottages


Challenges for training:

  • the rise to the hill of Napakallio starting from our yard, an excellent place for stick slope training (over 3 km)
  • the rise to Ukko-Koli, especially suited for the hill training of roller skaters and cyclists (5.5 km from the Koli harbour to the yard of Nature Centre Ukko)
  • the biathlon stadium of Kontiolahti and the cooled ski track (opened in October) at the distance of about 40 km.